We talk openly about every part of the dating and relationship process

We listen, talk, brainstorm, ask questions, answer questions, teach, explore and challenge. We laugh, push, guide, inspire and maybe even nudge a little.

Our names are Lisa Manyoky and Sheryl Spangler. We are both certified coaches, which means we are credentialed by accredited coaching institutions. We are formally schooled about relationships, business and behavior. This unique blend of education, enhanced by firsthand life experiences, has left us equipped to understand the process of dating and related issues.

We are also both DiSC consultants, which means both are trained and able to administer and interpret DiSC assessments. DiSC is a behavioral model used to explain how people tend to do what they do. It measures dimensions of observable behavior, grouped into four major personality types: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. We conduct DiSC assessments to help build doorways to better communication. It is typically the first step of any coaching commitment, although it is available as a standalone service.

Individual and Group Coaching:
Lisa and Sheryl are available for private coaching engagements.

Lisa’s areas of expertise:
Impression management, brand building (dating & professional), New Life Story® Coaching (neuroscience), DiSC

Sheryl’s areas of exertise:
Relationship coaching, online dating consulting, private matchmaking, DiSC

Your encouragement—gentle and wise—made all the difference in the world for me. All of our discussions, your probing, personal and other, enabled me to see things differently. You laid out the path and I walked it, with the confidence and perspective that you and the program gave me.

Cynthia J