We hope the lessons of our firsthand experience make dating easier for you

Our Stories

Our lessons learned can help you take a shortcut to dating and relationship success. Lisa and Sheryl have both been “out there” in dating circles, so they’ve walked the walk. They have stories to tell and lessons to teach. Generous by nature, highly communicative and very funny, both women can’t resist helping other singles increase their chances of finding compatible partners. As certified coaches and DiSC consultants who understand behavior, Lisa and Sheryl help singles get to know themselves so they can choose dating candidates more wisely and increase their chances of relationship success.

Here are their stories….

Lisa Manyoky, CTACC
“I have 3 kids. My ex might as well live in Alaska. I endured litigation, and paid alimony for some time. I experienced painful betrayal and fast change. AND YET…I AM VERY, VERY HAPPY!”

On the Friday morning of Memorial Day weekend 2006, my husband of nearly 13 years took my kids to school, came home and announced he was leaving. I thought he meant for work. He meant for good. I still wince when I think of those agonizing moments as he searched our bathroom for his shaving kit while telling me I was a nice person and a good mother but not the woman of his dreams. Every word sent ice through my veins, yet his delivery was matter-of-fact, well rehearsed and without emotion. The discovery of his shaving kit ended our conversation. He then threw a few other belongings into a white garbage bag and left. He saw a lawyer only days later and had me served with divorce papers in just over a month on 4th of July weekend. At 43 years old, I was a self-employed consultant who was suddenly single and the primary custodian of three children under 10. Contentious litigation ensued for 10 grueling months. When it ended, my ex sued me for enough alimony to cancel out child support. That was a tough pill to swallow, but I gulped. As you can imagine, Memorial Day will always be memorable, and Independence Day holds special meaning (heh heh;). Now, years later, I still grin with satisfaction at the thought. It took a colossal effort to restore order and joy to my home, but my kids, family and I did it! We are flourishing…and then some.

Sheryl Spangler, CC
“I have no kids but have been a stepparent. My ex lives across the country but is welcome in my home if he’s ever in town. My divorce was a paper transaction without courtroom stressors. We parted ways as friends. I’M VERY HAPPY, TOO!”

I was married to a kind gentleman for 28 years. We were best friends and comfortable companions. But in time, we realized we’d grown into roommates rather than lovers and partners for life. There was no anger or volatility that brought our marriage to a close. Rather, it was a peaceful understanding that slowly evolved. In 2008, my husband and I dissolved our marriage together, agreeably, and we remain close friends to this day. I felt a strong urge to create a new life for myself, so I moved from Seattle to the East coast. At 52 years old, I was living alone in a new home in an unfamiliar part of the country. I was also single for the first time in almost three decades. The adventure was exciting, but it was intimidating as well. I worked very hard to develop new friendships and to cultivate new business pursuits. I admit there were some lonely moments getting from there to here, but now, my life is full, happy and delicious. Through online dating, I met my life partner. We got married this year. Our success gives testimony to the power of online dating. We both encourage singles in search of a relationship to give it a try.