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Lisa Manyoky and Sheryl Spangler are professional coaches who work independently but who collaborate via 2CoachesOnCall. They both like to talk, know how to listen and enjoy doing both. They can’t wait to hear what’s going on in your dating world. Get in touch. Lots of ideas, solutions and yes—even jokes—await! Feel free to contact Lisa and Sheryl here, or reach out directly about specific services on their websites.


Lisa is a firecracker of a personality who helps individuals and businesses get remembered—for something great, of course. She works on refining and/or changing looks, sounds, word usage, behavior and mindset. The success of every dater relies on a good blend of all these “communication ingredients.” Lisa helps make that blend impossible to resist! Her coaching practice is You On You. For more information, visit her here:


Sheryl is a fiery redhead who is passionate about her passion to help clients find loving relationships that last. She is a relationship coach and certified matchmaker who has brought many couples together—marriages included. Sheryl believes there is someone for everyone and is tenacious in her search to find the relationships her clients seek. Sheryl’s coaching and matchmaking business is Heart & Soul Matchmaking. For more information, visit her here: