Wanted: Serious daters who want to make dating a successful adventure

If you’re single and in pursuit of relationship success, then wouldn’t it be great if there were an easy, stress-free, no-nonsense way to learn how to…

  • figure out what makes you tick
  • explore new ways to find dates
  • improve communication
  • identify non-negotiable dealbreakers and negotiable preferences
  • understand and manage chemistry
  • address issues related to sex (oh my!)—including when to have it, or not
  • manage the phases of relationship change
  • navigate online dating, including making your online profile look and sound great
  • end a relationship when necessary
  • move forward after a relationship ends

Well, there is an easy way, and you’re right where you belong! 2CoachesOnCall is a dynamic team of two certified coaches who want to make your dating experiences less frustrating and more successful. Certified Coaches Lisa Manyoky and Sheryl Spangler met on a teleclass in 2007. They had instant rapport and became close friends fast, even with hundreds of miles between them. Both single in a seeming world of couples, they helped each other:

  • cope with the challenges of their divorces
  • manage evolving fallout after the papers were signed
  • work through the disappointment of changed relationships
  • maintain balance in the face of transition and uncertainty
  • reinvent themselves in mid-life, and ultimately…
  • whoop it up as two energetic women driven to make the next half of life rich, full and juicy!

Enthusiasm is contagious! We have a lot to spare. Get in touch to keep up with calls and teleclasses held throughout the year.